Exclusive and original doors, thanks to the uniqueness of the engraving designs and the multitude of finishes. Ideal for a modern and always versatile environment.

A door that can accommodate elegant, extravagant or tailor made engravings for you. You can customize the designs and create new ones.

The versatility of these doors, as well as the style, is also for the colors available, to match the best in your home furnishings.

The model can be customized or it is possible to create new models.

  • Material: Engraved door in veneered wood or lacquered on Mdf.
    Hinge: Anuba hinges or Retractable hinge
    Lock: Patent, Middle or Magnetic Lock, with brass or satin chrome finishing.
    Frame: Veneered wood frame: flat R2 or round R50.
    Moldings: Veneered wood moldings: flat 70x10+25, flat 90x10+25 or round 80x20+25.
    Colors: White Lacquered, RAL Lacquered, Antique Lacquered.
    Veneered Wood: Natural Tanganica, Dyed Tanganica, Natural Oak, Dyed Oak, Wenge Oak, Bleached Oak, Brushed Lacquered Oak, Decape Oak, Natural Ash, Dyed Ash, Bleached Ash, Brushed Lacquered Ash.

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