Interior doors

Doors designed to furnish your home

Solid wood line

We produce solid wood doors, in various essences. Practical, with unique materials and with unique finishing touches.

Pantography line

We do not give up the quality of wood and the perfection of lacquers. We interpret taste and tendencies, creating a door with aesthetic significance.

Engraved line

Exclusive and original doors, thanks to the uniqueness of the engraving designs and the multitude of finishes. Ideal for a modern and always versatile environment.

Interwoven Line

Doors with a modern and linear design, embellished with refined decorations recalling wood and stone textures.

Listel line

A door that will be right for your home with the most contemporary, and minimalist style.

Moulded line

A modern machining that remembers an ancient technique: it is the bugnate door.

Smooth line

A simple, classic or modern design, suitable for all types of home and furnishings. Their versatility makes them indispensable.

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